We take on a lot of the daily workload that distracts your directors from the real issues

Director Assistance

Part of our overall goal is to make the management and operation of your company easier by taking on a lot of the day to day workload that distracts you from more important matters. We detected that this involves a lot of the director´s tasks that should not require as much of his or her time as they currently do. This is why it’s essential to count with an assistant who will take on those time-consuming tasks and simplify the director´s role to a more strategic and decision making one. If you do not currently count with this support, we can provide the strategic person that you require to do the following:

Detailed understanding

In order to provide an efficient and effective assistance, we must fully understand how the current director operates, all the way from his work methodologies and decision making to his general preferences. After understanding what his tasks consist of, as well as the organizational chart in relation to those tasks, we can detect where it would be best for us to assist and how we can together make the process and decision making a lot more efficient.

Tailored execution

After analyzing these preferences in decision making, we can categorize the type of tasks and their degree of importance to be able to prioritize them and delegate accordingly. In a broader terms, this will allow all of the flow of information and decisions to be made as the director wishes.

Information filter

One of the main goals for this assistant is to deliver the information to the hands of the director in a useful way in order to make decisions. This means transforming long emails or voice messages into summarized information, or reports regarding the topics that the director asks for.


You will also be assisted with scheduling if it were to be necessary regarding the information that our assistant receives, and take care of any other time-consuming tasks that the director is able to delegate.

Employee performance

Understanding how your employees are working is very important to any director looking for competence and efficiency in their operations, but taking the time to properly assess them can be difficult; this is where our assistance comes in handy with different tools to evaluate the relevant personnel in order to assure a good performance or detect any deficiencies in the process.

Don´t waste time making a general search for your job vacancies and instead receive a filtered list of strong potential candidates

Talent Attraction

The high rotation of personnel in key activities is definitely a concern that must be taken into consideration in this industry. Specifically speaking of property managers, it can become a difficult or time-consuming task to obtain the right talent for the job, and with the specific qualities, you may be looking for. These filters are adapted to your needs, where you may want to give emphasis on obtaining high-quality talent or getting quick solutions to the high rotation positions. Our activities include:

Vacancy fillings

After an analysis of the organizational structure, job profiles, as well as future plans from the entity, we manage and analyze the needed job positions according to your situation or future plans, as well as any specific vacancy for position filling that you may request, proceeding to an efficient divulgation and obtainment of candidates for those needed positions.

Effective filters

Filtration of obtained candidates, through methodologies that allow the selection of quality applicants. After applying the filters, the client will receive a reduced list of candidates that were chosen to best fit their needs.


Coordination of the interviews with the client if requested

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