Analysis of investment opportunities by taking into account all the necessary factors that will give an accurate value and ROI.

Financial analysis

Being able to correctly analyze all financial statements is necessary to visualize the health of an investment, as well as its predicted future behavior, This allows you and your clients to make the right strategic decisions that will be backed up with a numerical reasoning. Our activities include:

Operating forecasts

The analysis is done by our financial experts regarding all financial statements and relevant documents (offering memorandums, rent rolls, etc.) to correctly elaborate a correct financial forecast of current or potential investments, taking into consideration all the relevant factors to determine appropriate future growth rates and a more exact ROI.

Cash position

Analysis of the properties cash positions in order to determine the properties’ capabilities of covering essential payments, such as those of their mortgages, salaries, utilities, and the property manager's fee. The main goal is to determine which properties present liquidity issues and detect any other problems that they may have, allowing us to make recommendations about those properties´ operations.

Market survey

To have a complete analysis there must be an adequate understanding of the properties´ surroundings and factors that currently or in the future will influence the property. This helps determine the general behavior, threats, and opportunities that the investment could have and should be taken into consideration in its planning and strategy.

Empower your clients with effective and strategic decisions by delivering quality reports built by professionals.

Financial reporting

Having all the financial information is useless if it is not understood or used correctly for decision making. Clients feel safe when they know their investments are being managed by professionals that understand how to get the best return and value out of them. This doesn't just mean having all the financial information available in long balance sheets but instead, count with the specific information that is most relevant and important for them to make decisions, and support those decisions with a complete analysis done by experts.

Expert advisors

As mentioned in one of our pillars, trust is essential, and having the perspective of a financial expert makes the clients feel like their investment is in safe hands. In order to make this possible, we have financial analysts that will take on the task of not only simplifying these long financial statements of each property to the core information that is necessary for the client to know, but also provide a useful horizontal and vertical analysis that allows a different point of view to the property´s finance. This analysis also allows our experts to come up with accurate conclusions and recommendations regarding the performance of the property, relevant financial trends, industry related information, and other relevant knowledge that allows your clients to get a 360-degree vision of their properties, as well as recommendations of future actions that could benefit their investments.

Digestible reports

Your clients, and basically everyone, sees a lot of value in receiving simplified and relevant information that will allow them to make smart decisions, and receiving advice from an expert makes that decision even easier. We aim to make our reports professional but in a digestible manner, this way you can deliver them to your client and know that every type of investor will benefit from them, instead of only providing them with long financial statements.

Report customization

We work alongside in order to make sure you are pleased with every aspect of the report, and change or add whatever feature or overall tone to which you know your clients are more accustomed to. This is worth mentioning since the reports form part of an end result that is delivered to the client and where property management companies can add value and differentiate from others.

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