How the economy and jobs are divided in the US

 The American job market is totally different from what it was twenty years ago, and it will continue to change by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the Great Recession and the wave of technology that has swept through the country in recent years many jobs are likely to disappear as we knew them, but many others will also be created. And this will affect the entire population.  Nor will automation affect everyone in the same way. Workers with a high school degree are four times more likely to be replaced by automation than someone with a bachelor’s degree. Indicating that access to education affects the type of jobs for each segment. But in perspective, it can be said that the future of work is not only about how many jobs are created and how many are lost. The very concept of work is also changing along with the economy, and therefore different skills are needed to continue to exist. It's a great opportunity to upgrade jobs.  In research done by McKinsey, they saw t ...

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