AI + RE: the revolution of traditional

Previously, we had the opportunity to share with you an interesting article that talked about the investment in Artificial Intelligence destined by specific commercial and industrial sectors in the global market. While the reality today is that many companies are migrating their services or processes to the digital world, it is also very clear that there is still a long way to go in terms of implementing Big Data or any other type of technology. In the particular case of Real Estate, companies we might think that Artificial Intelligence could be a factor to replace many on field functions , but (for now) that is not a reality and, on the contrary, this technology turns out to be more functional when we work together with a human being, so we must not forget that personal contact will always win clients over. But then, what can artificial intelligence do for the Real Estate industry? First, to ensure the complete satisfaction of the clients, we must know and capture in a datab ...

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